Cloney Time

By duplicating the gold-on-maroon colour scheme or imitating the Goudy Handtooled typeface, and occasionally featuring a neon sign with pink outline type, these clones aim for that instantly recognizable, kind-of-crappy Coffee Time look:


Coffee Bar

There is no bar here.


Coffee Club

Join the club —
everyone else has!


Coffee Cup

This place is actually
closer to Coffee Time's old look, but you can still see a strong resemblance.


Coffee Cup (II)

This is a more up-to-date ripoff using the "cup" motif.


Coffee Diner

Coffee Diner has replicated the Coffee Time typeface more effectively than some actual Coffee Times.


Coffee Donuts

Coffee Donuts, on the other hand, sort of gave up halfway along.


Coffee Group 21

This spot manages a very original name and a very original spelling of the word donuts, but a very familiar appearance.


Coffee House

A near-perfect copy of the Coffee Time look, and a nice spelling of the word bagel to boot.


Coffee House (II)

This is either a mediocre Coffee Time clone or a really good clone of the Coffee House pictured above.


Coffee Mom's

Yes, this place is called Coffee Mom's.


Coffee Plus

The Coffee Time typeface is rendered in neon in this mall food court.


Princess Donuts

This name bears no resemblance to Coffee Time, but the Coffee Time look is evoked. Note the pink neon sign.


Coffee & Springroll

This place doesn't even offer donuts, but it does know that coffee is maroon and yellow.


Tandoori Time

This place doesn't serve donuts either. Incidentally, this used to be an actual Coffee Time store.


Video Time

No donuts or coffee here, but plenty of time.

Coffee 4 You

It is really nice that they took the time to at least paint over the word "Time" before gluing on that "4 You".

Coffee In

Sign reads: Coffee in Donuts Bagels Sandwiches. Who wants coffee in their sandwich? Gross!


I think the owners had some COFFEE when they named this place!

Coffee Bar (II)

Also not a bar.


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