Cloney Time

These joints have names that are vaguely reminscent of the name Coffee Time. (Many of these look a little like Coffee Time too, but the best clones are on the "wanna be like" page.)

Coffee Lime

Hey, who doesn't like a little lime in their coffee?


Coffee Prime

Supremacy, youth, vigour — that's what donut shops are all about.


Coffee Dome

This box-shaped place has nothing dome-like about it. It seems it was simply floundering for a word that sounded something like "time" and wasn't taken.


Good Time



Free Time



Equal Time

Equality! Vive la revolution!


Coffee Together

I'm not arguing that "Coffee Together" actually sounds like "Coffee Time", merely that this name is such an awkward stretch that the owners were almost certainly striving for a similar sound.

Coffee Team Donuts Outlet

Not actually a retail donut store but instead some weird faux-Coffee Time cult thing.

Tim Café

Formerly Equal Time!

Time for Bagel

Something about their lettering is particularly weird, even for a Coffee Time clone.

Coffee Hour

Ah, Coffee Hour. Has no one yet opened a Coffee Clock? Don't forget to thank me for the idea!


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