Denizens of earth, of either her rural or urban landscapes, will no doubt, at some point, cross the path of some example or another of the rich phenomenon of bad conversion. At such time, we at NFA can only implore of you to do God’s will and photograph such a location for us and submit it for inclusion on this website.

Photo Guidelines:
• Photographs should be high resolution digital files; multiple images such as details of signs, or examples of original storefronts, are always welcome.
• Although some of the photos on this site are of vintage, early 2000s quality, please strive to move with us into the modern age.
• Please, for the love of god. If you’re stopping to take a picture for the website, GET OUT OF YOUR CAR TO DO SO. It really does make a difference!

Contributions should be emailed to: submissions at notfoolinganybody.com

Those who help in our endeavour will earn the right to bear the Not Fooling Anybody Rangers’ shield on their website, lapel, or anywhere else they so choose.

A handy field guide is here to assist you in your spotting.

Grab your camera and become a ranger!

Not Fooling Anybody-Artwork for the Rangers badge

Current wish list (by no means complete):

• Siva Rent-a-Car, Milwaukee, WI

• Insurance Hut, near Reading, PA??

• An original Zantigo…is there one?