Cloney Time

You wouldn't expect a humble donut franchise with a simple and fairly unattractive look to have these sorts of problems, yet Coffee Time knockoffs seem to be everywhere.

Sure, you can see someone taking advantage of someone else's promotional and design efforts and opening a 7-10.998 convenience store, a Backskin Robbins ice cream shop, or that kind of thing. But why is plain old Coffee Time so plagued by rip-offs? It has no advertising, no upscale image, no loyal customer base. Its name is neither catchy nor clever. It has no real logo or slogan worth speaking of, just its very plain name written in yellow Goudy Handtooled against a maroon background.

What special magic does Coffee Time have that makes every other donut and coffee store in Canada strive to imitate it? I still don't know, but here I present the photographic evidence I have collected over the last several years, so that you too can ponder the mystery of this rampant cloning.

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